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Restricted Workforce Causes Production Delay (Starting from January 26, 2022)

As of late, the pandemic (Omicron) has gotten worse. Our staffs have been forced to work from home for now. Just a specific number of staff are permitted to work in our workshop.

Although our dedicated artists have worked non-stop, our order volume has proceeded to increase, and you might have noticed some of your shipments have delayed delivery.

Due to these circumstances, item/artwork production is getting slowed down and delayed due to our restricted workforce.

Therefore, kindly be informed that due to the backlogs, products you order now (Starting from January 26, 2022) might need at least 1-2 weeks to produce and deliver. 

We want to apologize for the delayed production, and we certainly appreciate your kind understanding. We feel grateful for all the support we get from YOU, our beloved and valued customers.

For each purchase you make on our store, 2% of each dollar (including the tips you give us) beginning from January 26, 2022 will be donated "DIRECT RELIEF - COVID-19 Relief" (

Direct Relief provides emergency medical resources - vaccines, antibody therapies, PPE, medical-grade oxygen, and other critical items - to medical facilities across the U.S. and the World. Do join us in the battle against the pandemic!

Thanks again for your support and take care.


Yours sincerely,
Mantra Zen (